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In order to ensure passenger safety and comfort, Nok Air is sometimes forced to change its flight schedule at short notice. You can make sure that you are aware of any changes to your upcoming trip by checking Nok Air’s updated flight information for today’s and tomorrow’s flights. Please note that while Nok Air tries to make every effort to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this information, please do not forget to check your departure time and gate information at the display monitors when you arrive at the airport.

Departure Date Flight No. OR From  
Flight Information Departure Arrival
Flight No. Aircraft Status Airport Scheduled Departure Estimated Departure Actual Departure Gate Airport Scheduled Arrival Estimated Arrival Actual Arrival Gate

  Please note
- All departure/arrival times are in local times
- In case of unavailable flight information, there might be some changes in your flight details.Nok Air customer service will contact you as per provided information in the booking.Passenger can also contact our customer service line at 1318.