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What can you manage?  

Booking details
Purchasing extra-options
Tax-invoice request
Flight change
Choose your seat
Downloading receipt
Passenger information change
Web Check-in
Share your itinerary with friends/family

What else can we do for you?  For the best travelling experience

Travelling with infant?

If you are travelling with an infant (passengers of less than 2-year old). We offer a great saving for your children.

Extra baggage allowance

You can purchase online in advance at a great saving.

In flight meal

We have a great range of hot meal to please your taste bud.

Fancy a pampered trip?

You can choose our premium seats with priority check in, boarding and even priority luggage.

Travel insurance

For your worry-free trip

Hotel and car rental package

Look no further, we have special deals for all your travel needs.

Manage Booking