Transfer Points

Point transfer for your fellow Nok Fan Club Member

New feature from Nok Fan Club, transfer your points for your family and friends

Members may choose a maximum of 3-member to transfer Nok Points.

Minimum transfer is 500 points

Maximum daily transfer of 5000 points and maximum monthy transfer of 15,000

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How to transfer points?

  1. Log in to your member account with member ID and password.
  2. Click menu ‘Transfer Points’.
  3. Current point balance will be shown. Click ‘Add friend’ to add member to whom you want to transfer points.
  4. Enter the member id and click ‘Search’. The name of member will be shown..
  5. Click 'Confirm'. You can add up to 3 member ID, and can delete the current member ID )
  6. The member ID you add will be shown in 'Name List for Transfer Point'. Notice that the status is inactive, which means ineligible for transfer points. You can transfer points to the member in the list after adding that member 15 days.
  7. After 15 days, the status of member added in companion list will be active.
  8. Choose member ID you want to transfer point . Then, click ‘Continue’.
  9. Set point you want to transfer (minimum 500 points) Then, click ‘Confirm’.
  10. You will receive OTP via mobile phone no. used for registration.
  11. Enter OTP to confirm the transfer, and click ‘Confirm’.
  12. The transfer is complete. You will see the confirmation on screen.

Terms and Conditions of Transfer Points.

  • Transfer Points service is available on only.
  • Points can be transferred to members in the 'Name List for Transfer Point' only. Member can add up to 3 member ID.
  • Points can be transferred to the member inthe 'Name List for Transfer Point' 15 days after adding that member ID.
  • Minimum point to transfer is 500.
  • Maximum point to transfer is 5,000 per day, and 15,000 per month.
  • Nok Points that are transferred to new member account will expire at the end of next month i.e. Nok Points transferred on 1st September, 2016 will expire on 31st October, 2016.
  • Nok Points that are transferred to new member account cannot be transferred back to the old account or transferred to another account.
  • For security reason, Nok Air might request members to confirm their identity by entering OTP to complete transfer point transaction.