Flight Status

Wondering about the status of your flight or when should you pick up your love ones? You can check the latest status of our flights for today, yesterday and tomorrow.




Flight Date {{flightDateText}}







gate {{status.departureGateNumber}}


gate {{status.arrivalGateNumber}}

Importance Notice

  • All times are local
  • The stated flight status is the latest-available status, it is subject to changes owing to operational reasons
  • Passengers are advised to check in in accordance to the check-in deadline in the original departure time.
  • Please check the departure screen at the airport for any further changes that may occur to the flight.
  • If you are unable to locate the status of your chosen flight, there may be further changes to the status. Our staff will contact you directly using the contact information provided during the booking process. Alternatively, you may contact our call center at 1318 for any queries you may have.